Parker came to stay

While Keturah (my sister) was in D.C. visiting Symeon (my brother), Parker stayed at our house for a few days. He loves to play in "the forest" as he affectionately calls our yard. We also got to take them to a park and Will actually fit into the baby swing! Parker and Ryan played a lot outside and had some seriously creative adventures. One of which involved them saving the world from a giant slug by throwing magic apples to him from our apple trees. Another time they saved the world by defeating a giant man-eating dog who comes out at dark by using the powers of their golden swords; aka large sticks. :) I'm glad Ryan has both the imagination and energy to play with todlers as that will come in handy soon.

When Parker first arrived at our house, Will was laying in his crib. Parker stated climbing up the side of the crib to get cuddly with the baby. I'm not sure if he was more excited about Will or trying to figure out exactly how his jungle mobile works. It was pretty cute either way.