where have i been!?

oh my dear friends, i am so sorry i've been missing from my blog lately! there has been much happening. good and not so good. life is getting crazy, and it's not going to let up.

i had a little scare with the pregnancy this past weekend but thanks to a little hospital stay, an iv of fluids and some other meds, baby and i are healthy and well. i am 30 wks and it's hard to believe that i've got 10 more weeks to go. i'm nervous that this baby is going to be HUGE like his brother. big isn't necessarily bad, but considering i do labor/delivery the good old fashioned drug free way, that scares me a bit. and not to be gross, but the aftermath a 9-10lb baby leaves isn't so pleasant. if you're the praying kind, please pray that this baby comes before it reaches that l a r g e state. and also pray that the rest of this pregnancy goes smoothly and that the next time i'm in the hospital, will be when i meet our new son.

the photo challenge!! oh man, i'm slacking on this one. i will just post all the pics once i upload them. i've been doing other photography things...which brings me to my next exciting announcement...

one of my dreams is coming  has come true. i'm starting up a photography business! it's something that has been in the works for a long time and it's a love i've had since my teens. i'm so excited to announce the birth of my fourth child. hahaha. blue house fotos! check out the website...blog....facebook page and of course, the photos! i'd love to hear what you think about it...and you can be completely honest with me. :)

if you think i'm crazy for starting a business when i'm 30wks pregnant and caring for 2 kids 24/7...i just might be. after the brief hospital vacation, i wasn't thinking i'd launch everything until ryan got home...but it's been coming together so well and i think the timing is perfect.  it will be something to keep me busy until ryan returns because i think the last part of deployments probably goes by the slowest. it's so nice to have something to pour myself into and be excited about. and i can't wait to share this with other people!

so there is the latest update on r. life. :) will be posting new pics from the photo challenge and from july 4th soon!