well hello...in attempt to keep updated pics in this blog i will be posting seasonally.  :) 
please, please...hold your applause. 
i find it annoying to post family pics on facebook for a few reasons. 
1. beacuase i overpost for blue house fotos and i don't want to annoy people. 
and 2. because facebook does something super wonky that compresses images down 
and they end up looking horribly grainy and muddy. 
end. rant. 

and welcome spring! 
easter was fun...started out looking like this: 
(did you know anna's part howler monkey?)

we opted to go do some nice pics at the park...which then turned into this:

but the boys liked it. 

she eventually settled down but refused to look at me...that girl holds a grudge. 
this tree was unbelievably gorgeous. 

and this has got to be one of my most faaaavorite pictures ever. totally framing this.

she did like the tree. 

our spring has been full of fun outdoor activities...i think we ate outside for about every meal one week.
we are in the middle of a backyard overhaul...we'd like to build a patio and get some outdoor furniture to sit on. but for now, we just picnic blanket it up...

baby mandarins...i didn't know there was such a thing. 
even tinier than clementines and super yummy.

leo's first experience with grass...i think he digs it.

sometimes spring calls for taking impromptu photos of your hottie husband on an evening stroll...

lots of people change up their hairstyles come spring. 
anna grace is no different.

doesn't she look like she's 5 years old with straight hair!?

 for leo, spring means trying to crawl.

and cuddlin' in momma & daddy's bed for a movie on the ipad.

and we cannot forget spring cleaning...anna loves folding.

an attempt to get a decent wall worthy pic of all three munchkins...

meeting a new cousin that live far away....


and that, in a nutshell has been our spring thus far.  :)