{ together. }

in or into a single group. to gather together.

to snuggle and kiss

to play and laugh

to wrestle and doggy pile.

to read stories before bedtime

a brief 20 hours of bliss.


{ there's adventure back there... }

Will's been enjoying auntie's backyard.

rainboots. an essential in the pacific northwest.

 what's in here?


{ cousins }

Will is getting plenty of quality time with his cousins. Since we are going to be in Seattle for so long, it's almost like they will be brothers for two months. And they get along like brothers....sometimes cuddling and hugging and the next second one is hitting and one is crying....and right now is mostly Will who picks on his four year old cousin Clark. :(

Will is also crazy protective of Anna Grace and when Clark plays with her Will runs over and screams: "be careful wit da baybee!" and then he hits/pushes/pinches him. :( But there are many sweet moments, like when the older boys get home from school and Will is waiting at the door and can't wait to give them a squeeze and gleefully squeals: "you're home!" :)

Playing some crazy game they made up in which they get trapped in tomato plant cages. ?!

Movie nights...

Snowman building at 7am. :)

Bath time...

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{ christmas }

...better late than never...a few highlights from our christmas season.

visiting Santa...

opening our presents christmas eve...

gifts on christmas morning at grandma and grandpas house...

and a baby in a tutu the day after christmas...

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Location:{ christmas }


{ a new year }

I've been a bad blogger. It's been awhile since my last post and for good reason....

1. Right after christmas we, (and by we, i mean ryan and his man friends) gutted the kitchen. The idea is to have our carpenter finish it while we are in Seattle. And when the kids and I return home we will hopefully have a fresh new kitchen waiting for us. :) Oh yeah and did I ever mention that we were also in the midst of a laundry room makeover? That should be done when we get back too. Eeeek!
Sneak peek of the kitchen gut job:

2. We enjoyed our last week of a normal life before Ryan begins his pre-deployment training.

3. We've trekked out to Seattle. Ryan is in training an hour south of us at the army base and the kids and I get to hangout with my mom and sisters for two months. Yes, i said two months. :) It's nice that Ryan isn't too far away, although we have yet to see him since we've been here...but good to know he is close and safe. Anyways I only have the iPad and not a laptop so I wasn't entirely sure what blogging app to use....but i found one. :)

So, hello 2011. Nice to meet you...and since you are going to be the hardest year of my life, I ask that you pass by quickly and safely. Thanks. :)