{ cousins }

Will is getting plenty of quality time with his cousins. Since we are going to be in Seattle for so long, it's almost like they will be brothers for two months. And they get along like brothers....sometimes cuddling and hugging and the next second one is hitting and one is crying....and right now is mostly Will who picks on his four year old cousin Clark. :(

Will is also crazy protective of Anna Grace and when Clark plays with her Will runs over and screams: "be careful wit da baybee!" and then he hits/pushes/pinches him. :( But there are many sweet moments, like when the older boys get home from school and Will is waiting at the door and can't wait to give them a squeeze and gleefully squeals: "you're home!" :)

Playing some crazy game they made up in which they get trapped in tomato plant cages. ?!

Movie nights...

Snowman building at 7am. :)

Bath time...

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Notes From A Ragamuffin said...

Those pictures are so fun! Glad to see you're being surrounded by family :)

Rutheah Rodehorst said...

Thanks Jordan! We are enjoying it. :)