a pirate's life for me.

so will turned four... a pirate birthday party was in order.
these pictures aren't amazing...just snapshots of will and his friends playing pirates. 
it was too hot to get creative. 

oh yeah, the babies were hot too. 
they slept through the whole thing. :) 

this just makes me laugh. will's mustache melted off in the middle 
resulting in some weird half mustache, half dirty face thing.

treasure hunt!

pirates love rootbeer. 
disclaimer: will got to have soda on his birthday...this is a very very rare treat. 
and is indeed a rootbeer.
although, he refused to call it by it's full name and kept saying:
"i love my beer." 
umm...r o o t beer, will. 
that pic of reece chuggin' his rootbeer with his arm around will cracks. me. up. 
pastor's son...look out. ;) 

two well dressed 'mateys. 

the second half: will's 4 year pics. 
when my dad visited a couple months back, he brought his hasselblad. 
think of an amazing old classic car that is crazy valuable. 
that's like what a hasselblad is in the photography world. 
apparently, they are amazing...if you know how to load film. 
i'm learning. 
dad's letting me borrow this indefinitely so i can do just that. (thanks dad!) :)
...but for now, we used it as a prop. 

one of my most favoritest (not a word) pictures of will. 
he's got two little freckles on his cheek that i L O V E. 

happy fourth birthday to our little big man.