Watoto Children's Choir

This weekend, our church hosted the Watoto Children's Choir from Uganda, Africa. What an amazing bunch of kids. The Watoto Church in Uganda focuses on rescuing orphaned children, provides them with a family and a quality education and most importatly: teaches them about their true Father in heaven. The concert was full of great music and dancing and contained a wonderful message of hope.  Our family was very blessed to be able to host 2 boys and their chaperone. It was great to spend time with them and get to know a little about their lives. 
For more info about the Watoto Children's Ministry visit: www.watoto.com

Also, I blogged in more detail about the experiences we had on my personal blog: www.rutheah.blogspot.com

Here are some pictures of the boys, Seth (11) and Joseph (12) and their chaperone Julius.  Enjoy!

Seth and Joseph

Seth had some AWESOME dance moves. 

They were so great with Will...
he kept them laughing.

Will loving on his new friends


Will has this new silly grin he does...it's so funny. He squints his eyes, bears his 4 giant teeth and sticks out his tongue to the side and goes "eeehhhhhh." He usually does it when he's just eaten...I think that's when he's the happiest. :) It's totally cheese-tastic.

Oregon Coast: Road Trip with Keturah

Mother's Day Weekend, Keturah and I went to the Oregon coast. Ryan was sweet enough to hangout with Will for a couple days so that I could go all by myself. We drove down on Friday night and stayed at my aunt's condo at Rockaway Beach. My aunt and uncle and dad and step-mom were all there too...and me and Keturah were a surprise to my dad. He was kept in the dark about us coming down, and boy was he surprised! :) It was a great time to hangout, relax and stare at the ocean. The condo was literally right on the beach, so we got to wake up hearing the roar of the ocean. Just beautiful. Enjoy these pics!

If you've ever experienced their cheeses and
ice creams, you'll know why I took this picture.

This looks like Haystack Rock...but it was
in Lincoln City, not Cannon Beach.

Depoe Bay

View of Pacific on the deck of the condo

"Dragon Rock" at Rockaway Beach

Rutheah's Blog

I decided that it would be fun to do a reflective type blog that was just for me. I'm not so good at keeping a physical journal, so I'm blogging instead. Check it out, become a follower, let me know what you think about it. :)


Kissy Kissy

Will was all about the kisses one morning. Here he is giving kisses to Grandma and Grandpa's picture.



Will is wearing a pair of overalls that my sister and I wore in the mid 80's! It's really neat to think that I wore them when I was a baby and now my son can use them too. :) We snapped a few pics in the front yard last week. Enjoy!