leo is growing too fast. 
i know parents always say that and it can sound so redundant. 
but it's true. 

8 months old already.
 crawling. standing. eating everything. "talking."
he's got a voice he's not afraid to share. 

since we are 99.99% sure he's our last biological baby, i'm trying so hard to soak in his littleness. 
just let myself get lost in his sweet baby smiles and co-sleeping snuggles.
he's only 4 short months away from becoming a toddler. 
that just sounds crazy.

i don't want to forget how long his eyelashes are. or how puffy his lips get when he's asleep.
and the little snoring sounds he makes that sound like a puppy. 
his chubby little hands resting peacefully on his belly. 

take pictures of your kids sleeping.
you'll be glad you did. 

giggles and tears.

story of our life right now
...kids are happy, laughing, enjoying each other and playing
and then someone starts crying. 
does this happen to anyone else? ;) 

the kids can be so hard to get good pics of. especially anna. i've been trying to get a good one of her with her eyes wide open f o r e v e r. and we finally have one now. 
i still don't know what color her eyes are. 
they're not brown or blue...they're more gray. 

which three seconds later, turned into this:

and then went back to this:

oh, will. sword and pirate obsessed.
he's always ready to cheese it up.

and then there's leo. 
rolls upon rolls of yummy squishiness i can't help but burry my face in.

he's not always happy either.
he's got the cutest expressions.

 and we've got another case of the curls. 
this is just about the age bro and sis's curls started coming in. 
except his are extra special cause they're auburn like mine. :)