leo is growing too fast. 
i know parents always say that and it can sound so redundant. 
but it's true. 

8 months old already.
 crawling. standing. eating everything. "talking."
he's got a voice he's not afraid to share. 

since we are 99.99% sure he's our last biological baby, i'm trying so hard to soak in his littleness. 
just let myself get lost in his sweet baby smiles and co-sleeping snuggles.
he's only 4 short months away from becoming a toddler. 
that just sounds crazy.

i don't want to forget how long his eyelashes are. or how puffy his lips get when he's asleep.
and the little snoring sounds he makes that sound like a puppy. 
his chubby little hands resting peacefully on his belly. 

take pictures of your kids sleeping.
you'll be glad you did. 

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