anna grace. 2 year pics.

anna grace is two! 
it seems like i can hardly remember when she was a baby...that went too quickly.

anna grace:
 you're our crazycurled little lady. you've recently become a little sassy, but you're mostly sweet.
you're getting to be very social and less shy, always greeting everyone you see with a wave. :)
you are also very good at using your manners, we love that. :) 
you're obsessed with baby dolls and are such a sweet little momma to them.

you're kind of a chatterbox and saying so many cute things like: 
"howboutmeeee?" - whenever you feel left out. 
"dat schaowws mee." - when you get left in a room alone. 
"baybee leeeooooo?" - you say that in a really really high pitched little voice...so cute.
"tank koo jeesus." -when you pray before you eat. 

tank koo jeesus is right. we are so thankful for you!
we love you so much little girl! 

showing us how old she is now.

why so serious? 
i'm not exactly sure...she's usually full of sweet smiles that make her eyes all squinty, 
but when momma gets her big camera out, she gets a serious pout. 
pouting is cute. ;)


preschool year one. completed!

will just completed his first year of preschool. *cue happy/sad tears* 
pretty crazy to think that he's such a big boy now.

i love preschool programs...kids from ages 3-5. being cute. singin' songs. looking so proud of themselves and smiling at their parents in the audience. 
their spring program had a jungle theme...safari theme? i'm not sure which.
either way it was flippin' adorable.

attempting to get a shot of him by himself. smiling at the camera. standing still. 
impossible...too distracted by the playground and his friends to listen to me. :)

so i told him to look at the airplane in the sky. 
no airplane...and still no smiles. oh well!

family picture...and anna's crying. again. 
love these memories of our craziness.

post concert snuggles and window kissing. 

our big boy. 

you are growing into such an amazingly kind and compassionate 
little man who wears his heart on his sleeve and dishes out hugs and kisses like it's your job. 
your curiosity and sense for adventure both scares and delights me. :)
we are so proud of you for learning all you did and can't wait to see you excel in preschool next year! 
love you little man.