{ living room }

After living in our first house for 4 months, one room is finally done to my liking. 

I guess this is our "formal" living room. 
But nothing about us is formal so I don't like calling it that. 
Movie watching is done downstairs, which is why you don't see a tv in here.

Since this is the first thing you see when you walk into our house, I wanted it to look good.
I've always loved a really long floating shelf...ours is actually 3 shorter shelves that we put in a straight line. (it was NOT a fun project to get them to line up)

On the shelf are family pictures and some art by Will...and some random doo dads.
(yes, I know 2 of the frames are empty...have to get some 5x7's printed off.)

kept it simple over here cause there's so much going on 
on the other wall
(and yes, that is a playmat under the couch...I like to keep my kids' things hidden.) :)

Looking into dining room

I love decorating our little house.  And making it feel all comfy cozy like a home.

{ r. command center }

Ryan has been wanting me to do this for awhile. Make a "family command center."
Yes, he is in the military. 

I decided while he was away working for a week, I would make one for him, *ahem* I mean, for us, and have it all cute (for me) and organized (for him) when he got home. 

Here are our family command center must haves: 
inbox/outbox for mail
meal plan for the week
to do lists
blah blah blah
and overall cuteness.  :)

The desk was one of those really good antique auction finds.
 Pretty sure we paid $3 for it. It may be getting a facelift with some paint someday.

We used a dining chair as a desk chair...it works.

I made the each cork board with open frames I found at Goodwill for like 
75 cents each and spray painted them ivory.
Stuffed them with some cork backing from Hobby Lobby and glued it to the frames. 
And voila! Three delightful framed cork boards.

Now let's command some stuff.  :)



I'm really excited about how this turned out. 
And Ryan will be excited that we're more organized.

It's a win win for everyone.  


{ tutu cute }

yes, she really is this cute.





{ r. road trip }

Our first road trip...and it was a BIG one. 1,539 miles to be exact. Kearney to Seattle.
Some people called us crazy for driving that far with a 2 year old and a 3 month old in tow.  
I have to agree with them.  It was crazy. 
First leg of the journey was the toughest. At one point I was squished between the car seats in the back trying to keep the kids from screaming their heads off.  Which only resulted in all three of us crying.  
It was tough.
 But thankfully, that first day was the worst and the other travel days were fine. 

Stopped off at "Little America" to stretch our legs and eat.


Being in Seattle and spending 3 weeks with my family was great.  
Will got to go crazy with his cousins and Anna got lots of snuggles from her aunites and grandparents. 
And I had some much needed quality time with my mom, dad and sisters. I love them. 

The drive home was surprisingly delightful. We took a different route and went through Montana.
Which was AMAZING.Simply breathtaking. 
I didn't even care if we made it home.  I was lost in the vastness of it; scanning the horizon and only seeing layers of mountains, mist covered river valleys, heavenly blue skies.  I'm surprised more people don't live there.  I'd move in a heartbeat.  We found ourselves only a few miles from Yellowstone, but unable to go for sake of time.  :(  A trip we will make when the kids are older and able to enjoy it more.
Here are some pics...but they just don't do it justice.


misty river valley

more misty river valley


Chimney Rock outside of Scottsbluff, NE

We were all very happy to be home. We pulled into the driveway and Will instantly started to cry. When I asked him if he was sad he said, "No, Will happee." At the sweet age of 2 Will already understands that there's no place like home.  :)