{ living room }

After living in our first house for 4 months, one room is finally done to my liking. 

I guess this is our "formal" living room. 
But nothing about us is formal so I don't like calling it that. 
Movie watching is done downstairs, which is why you don't see a tv in here.

Since this is the first thing you see when you walk into our house, I wanted it to look good.
I've always loved a really long floating shelf...ours is actually 3 shorter shelves that we put in a straight line. (it was NOT a fun project to get them to line up)

On the shelf are family pictures and some art by Will...and some random doo dads.
(yes, I know 2 of the frames are empty...have to get some 5x7's printed off.)

kept it simple over here cause there's so much going on 
on the other wall
(and yes, that is a playmat under the couch...I like to keep my kids' things hidden.) :)

Looking into dining room

I love decorating our little house.  And making it feel all comfy cozy like a home.

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Erin Melenbacker said...

Hey I have that same lamp (the tall black one)! Good taste :)