{ r. command center }

Ryan has been wanting me to do this for awhile. Make a "family command center."
Yes, he is in the military. 

I decided while he was away working for a week, I would make one for him, *ahem* I mean, for us, and have it all cute (for me) and organized (for him) when he got home. 

Here are our family command center must haves: 
inbox/outbox for mail
meal plan for the week
to do lists
blah blah blah
and overall cuteness.  :)

The desk was one of those really good antique auction finds.
 Pretty sure we paid $3 for it. It may be getting a facelift with some paint someday.

We used a dining chair as a desk chair...it works.

I made the each cork board with open frames I found at Goodwill for like 
75 cents each and spray painted them ivory.
Stuffed them with some cork backing from Hobby Lobby and glued it to the frames. 
And voila! Three delightful framed cork boards.

Now let's command some stuff.  :)



I'm really excited about how this turned out. 
And Ryan will be excited that we're more organized.

It's a win win for everyone.  


Hope said...

NICE! We have a command center, too--- right by the kitchen: it's where my computer is, the phone, calendar, files, etc. It's in a butler pantry/laundry closet thingy ... but is CERTAINLY NOT photo-worthy! (we have a sliding door in front of it!). Yours looks GREAT! Oh, and I LOVE antique auctions (and various other ones, too!)!! -- what a score!

Meg said...

super cute! :) We do meal plans, too...it keeps us on track for eating healthier and cheaper :)

Love the command center, we need one of those!