{ express yourself }

Little Anna Grace is going on 8 weeks and has a whole lot of personality.  

I'd like to think she's going to be a little dramatic like I was as a child
...maybe I shouldn't wish that on myself quite yet...





{ supertot }

While cleaning out Will's closet, we came upon the costume I got him last year for like $3 in hopes that he would be able to wear it this year. 

So much for that idea. 
Apparently Will is growing too fast because this 3t/4t costume was almost too small.

This morning Will transformed into a supertot. 
And these days, crime fighting can be serious business so it's best to wear a helmet...

Safety first!


{ sunsets }

One of the reasons I love living in Nebraska: you can actually see the sun set.  Not just an array of colors in the sky reflected up into the coulds, but you can see the sun tuck itself goodnight behind the fields.  Glorious.

I forgot how gorgeous the sun is in Nebraska.
In Washington our view was obstructed by trees and mountains. 
Don't get me wrong....I loved the trees and I loved the mountains.  
But they make you miss out on sunsets like this. 

Here in NE you've got nothing but fields and sky...and sometimes the ocassional hill.  I never fully appreciated it's simplistic beauty while growing up.  I always thought Nebraska was boring and ugly, I never saw it as anything beautiful.  This will be our first Nebraska summer in 3 years and I plan on enjoying this view as much as possible.

Sunsets like this make me think of what heaven must be like.  

{ will's got wheels }

Does this bike look funny?  It's pedal-less.

These bikes are supposed to help tots learn to balance on a bike without having to worry about pedaling. 

So Will went on his first bikewalk in the driveway.

Maybe he'll master the riding part by the end of the summer. 


{ celebrating will }

Will turned 2 on June 20th.  TWO.  Really!?  

Seriously, can time just  s l o w  d o w n  a little? 

We celebrated on the 19th by having a little party with a few friends and family. Will never really had a first birthday party because he was sick with strep so this year he was a bit spoiled.  

He got lots of presents and ate 2 pieces of cake and begged us to sing the birthday song over and over.  He ended up getting serenaded at least 6 times.  

His presents were pretty sweet:
A little people set from Auntie. 
Some giant trucks from Great Gma Barb.
Balls and bubbles from Aunite Abby and Uncle Zack. 
A train from Russty and Kent.
A bike AND a trike AND a Thomas train set from Gma and Gpa Rodie. 
A train table from Mommy and Daddy.

Did I say he was spoiled?  I meant to say he's well loved.

Happy 2nd Birthday sweet boy!  





{ sMilEs }

sweet moments : anna grace grinning at her brother


{ you are wonderfully made }

You created my inmost being,


you knit me together in my mother's womb.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made...
Pslam 139: 13-14


{ r. Daughter }

Anna Grace Rodehorst
Born May 11, 2010 at 8:39pm - 7lb 4oz - 20.5in

r. family of FOUR!

she has her daddy's long fingers

Leaving the hospital