{ celebrating will }

Will turned 2 on June 20th.  TWO.  Really!?  

Seriously, can time just  s l o w  d o w n  a little? 

We celebrated on the 19th by having a little party with a few friends and family. Will never really had a first birthday party because he was sick with strep so this year he was a bit spoiled.  

He got lots of presents and ate 2 pieces of cake and begged us to sing the birthday song over and over.  He ended up getting serenaded at least 6 times.  

His presents were pretty sweet:
A little people set from Auntie. 
Some giant trucks from Great Gma Barb.
Balls and bubbles from Aunite Abby and Uncle Zack. 
A train from Russty and Kent.
A bike AND a trike AND a Thomas train set from Gma and Gpa Rodie. 
A train table from Mommy and Daddy.

Did I say he was spoiled?  I meant to say he's well loved.

Happy 2nd Birthday sweet boy!  




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