{ sunsets }

One of the reasons I love living in Nebraska: you can actually see the sun set.  Not just an array of colors in the sky reflected up into the coulds, but you can see the sun tuck itself goodnight behind the fields.  Glorious.

I forgot how gorgeous the sun is in Nebraska.
In Washington our view was obstructed by trees and mountains. 
Don't get me wrong....I loved the trees and I loved the mountains.  
But they make you miss out on sunsets like this. 

Here in NE you've got nothing but fields and sky...and sometimes the ocassional hill.  I never fully appreciated it's simplistic beauty while growing up.  I always thought Nebraska was boring and ugly, I never saw it as anything beautiful.  This will be our first Nebraska summer in 3 years and I plan on enjoying this view as much as possible.

Sunsets like this make me think of what heaven must be like.  

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