{ will }

this is the sweet 2 year old boy who fills my heart. 
tonight was one of those nights when i got hit in the face with time. and realized that it goes by far too fast. i need to get lost in the now…live in the present and learn to enjoy each moment with him
…before he’s big.
my precious little “baby” boy is now a full blown kid. a kid who loves ice cream and running around outside. a kid who is learning his manners and sometimes uses them. a kid who is crazy about his little sister and constantly smoothers her with love. a 40lb, 2 year old tank, who can knock over a full grown adult. a kid who had such a kind spirit and brings so much light to my life.


{ bang bang }

a date night like none other. fo sho.

First off, let me say that I've NEVER been around guns, never liked guns and only see them as killing machines. 

That being said...we went shooting last night. 
"shooting" meaning: take two guns out in a field and shoot at empty bean cans. 

How could we not enjoy ourselves with this as our backdrop?

Ryan the expert gun-man doing his thing

again, I say...never thought guns were cool, let alone sexy...but I think I changed my mind.  :)

My turn...I found it necessary to wear cute boots...and then take a picture of them 
so that I could enjoy their cuteness forever...this is what girly shooting is like I suppose.  
Targets set. Boots on. Earplugs in.

Let the shooting commence.


Really?! really. seriously. never. ever. in a million years 
would I have ever touched a gun before yesterday...

 Whelp, never say never!

see how happy we are to shoot things? ...it was kind of amazing.  

Probably one of my most favorite date nights. ever.

{ r. kiddies }

My babies. They really play well together.

so thankful for that. 

Will adores his sister like 97% of the time...and she adores him...
even in that 3% margin when he hits/pushes/attempts to wrestle her.  :)

I pray that they grow up to be friendlings. 

I just made it up...friends&siblings=friendlings.
I like it...

and I love them. 

{ sittin' pretty }

sweet little anna grace