{ a new year }

I've been a bad blogger. It's been awhile since my last post and for good reason....

1. Right after christmas we, (and by we, i mean ryan and his man friends) gutted the kitchen. The idea is to have our carpenter finish it while we are in Seattle. And when the kids and I return home we will hopefully have a fresh new kitchen waiting for us. :) Oh yeah and did I ever mention that we were also in the midst of a laundry room makeover? That should be done when we get back too. Eeeek!
Sneak peek of the kitchen gut job:

2. We enjoyed our last week of a normal life before Ryan begins his pre-deployment training.

3. We've trekked out to Seattle. Ryan is in training an hour south of us at the army base and the kids and I get to hangout with my mom and sisters for two months. Yes, i said two months. :) It's nice that Ryan isn't too far away, although we have yet to see him since we've been here...but good to know he is close and safe. Anyways I only have the iPad and not a laptop so I wasn't entirely sure what blogging app to use....but i found one. :)

So, hello 2011. Nice to meet you...and since you are going to be the hardest year of my life, I ask that you pass by quickly and safely. Thanks. :)

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