First Halloween

Will "enjoyed" his first Halloween as a crocodile. I really wanted to find a costume that was creative and cute and also something we could be as a family like the "hot-dog/ketchup/mustard" idea I had...but when my creativity dwindled and Halloween drew closer and closer I gave in to the $10 costumes at Costco. Of course there is always next year or the year after that to do family themed costumes. Ryan dressed up like a safari/crocodile hunter man and I was a kitty.

We went to the Harvest Carnival at church that night. This Halloween was certainly a learning experience as Will was only 4 months old, so it's not like he could trick or treat, or play any of the games...and Ryan and I did feel a bit silly too since not many parents dressed up. Oh well, regardless of these things, we managed to enjoy ourselves. :)

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