Weekend in Kirkland

Will and I went up to Kirkland this past weekend to hangout with my sisters and mom.  Keturah and Mom were at Ikea (which is about halfway between their house and ours) and decided to swing down, sweep us up and take us home.  :)  We were happy to oblige.  

On Saturday, Mom had an awards ceremony at her work, Harbinger Group.  She was one of the few people that got recognized for her achievements...way to go Mom!!  We got to meet her co-workers and learn more about the company.  The best part of the whole thing, was eating yummy Indian food.  

The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out with my sisters and Will playing with Parker and Clark.  The weather was beautiful so much of our time was spent playing in the yard.  On Monday it was even nice enough for them to play in the kiddie pool! :) He loves them so much.  If Will is crying or upset about something, all he has to do is just look at Parker or Clark, and he forgets being sad.  It's so cute!  Parker is good at being very patient with Will and keeping him entertained.  Clark loves to hold him and give him kisses.  The boys keep asking questions like, "Does he talk yet?" and "Did he grow?"  And both Parker and Clark always refer to Will as "babywill."  :)  I love that we live out here now so the boys can be close to their cousin.  Here are pictures from our weekend. Enjoy!

Will was fascinated by the sodas at Mom's awards ceremony 

So proud of my momma!! (Will was almost falling asleep)

The pool is a little too cold for Will

When Parker got in, then Will was happy

Playing catch with Clark

He LOVED this apple.

Zonked out on the ride home 

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The Tulloss Family said...

I love his little Pompadore hair do in the pool picture. Looks like a great time with the cousins...I wish we had cousins nearby for my kids to play with.