Year One

Fresh out 'the Womb 06.20.08

One Year Later 06.21.09

Will's first year of life went by way to fast. When he was first born everyone told us to enjoy it because it'd be gone before you know it. I always accepted the comment and said "Oh yeah, of course it will" but didn't really believe it myself. Now looking back, I can say it did go by quickly...way too quickly. Now that he's walking he seems so much older. He has so much more independence. He's discovered the bookshelves in the living room (I was wondering how long it would take before he started pulling books off the shelves). He didn't really like books before, but now he'll sit down and open it up and look at the pictures...like he's 4 years old or something. And he realllllly wants to feed himself with utensils. I don't really want to clean food off of the ceiling so that one hasn't happened yet. It's just amazes me how one day he's a baby and the next day, he's a kid. And tomorrow he'll be a grown-up. But as corny as it may sound, he'll always be my baby.

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The Tulloss Family said...

True, so true. I can hardly remember Aubrey's first year. We are all so busy enjoying every day for what it brings. Congratulations on your beautiful boy's first year.