It's a new year...time to wipe the slate clean and start dishing out some resolutions that hopefully turn into habits.  Here we go! (in no particular order...)

Will: (yes, I'm making resolutions for an 18m old.)
eat more veggies (I'll find a way to make him love them)
become POTTY TRAINED before baby girl is born
more scheduled bedtime
only one Veggie Tales show a day
learn colors, shapes and begin letters

become more intentional throughout my day...less laziness and wasting time on the computer
memorize scripture like I used to...one passage a week
read bible DAILY and then journal
potty-train Will-i-am
become much more familiar with bible stories in the O.T. so I can recite them to the kiddos
more dates with Ry
put more value on becoming an even better mother and wife
before this baby comes: stay in shape.  after this baby comes: workout even more
get my piano back
listen to more Marc Driscoll sermons.  (you should too.... www.marshillchurch.org)

My resolutions seem to come in revolutions. They're the same things every year: Pray more. Read Scripture regularly. Journal regularly. Use my time wisely. And exercise. So, I think I need to be SMART about my resolution this year. (You know, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timed.)
I will...
-Start and end every day with prayer.
-Memorize a passage from Scripture every week with Rutheah.
-Write in my journal twice a day (right after prayer time).
-Make a daily schedule and limit computer and t.v. time to two hours a day.
-Improve my PT test results. By April: 55 push-ups, 60 sit-ups, and 14 min. 2-mile. By October: 60 push-ups, 65 sit-ups, and 13.5 min. 2-mile.

Pray for us!

And Happy New Year!!

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Meg said...

Your resolutions are very encouraging to me. Gosh I need all those too for sure...well except for the potty-training part...hehe :) I love Will's little resolutions. Those are SO cute :) Can't wait to hear what you are going to name baby girl! Cole and I were wondering that today!! :)