Sicky Sick Sick

We've been hit with a plague.  Well, mostly just Will has been hit with it.  He's been sick off and on for about 2 1/2 weeks now.  Which is my excuse for being a bad blogger.  At first it was swim lessons, he'd go on Monday and Wednesday nights and then spew when he got home.  I guess pool water wasn't made for gulping down like a slushy.  His little tum tum didn't like it.  So it was decided that it's probably better to wait on the swim lessons until he stops slurping down yucky water.

Then his little mouth has decided to sprout 8 teeth at once.  Bad idea, mouth.  Poor cranky boy.

One random night, Ryan and I were both up all night with some weird stomach bug that had us down on our knees at the toilet.  Bleh.

Jump ahead to a few days ago when we get home from spending a weekend in Omaha.  While he's cuddling with Gma and Gpa, they notice that he feels warm...like super duper warm.  So I take his temp.  103.6.  Highest fever he's ever had. Gave him some Motrin and put him to bed.  He woke up that night shaking really horribly with a temp of 104...I was ready to go to the ER.  But it was 3 am...so another dose of Motrin and his fever was brought down to a balmy 102.  In the morning his temp was back up to 104 and we took him to the clinic. Will was poked and prodded by 2 different doctors, neither of whom really knew what was wrong with him.  No strep, no ear infections, no RSV, no answers really.  But he did get more Motrin and an antibiotic and a cough suppressant cause he was a bit mucousy.

Thankfully, today his fevers went away and he was feeling pretty good.  I'm hoping it was a freakishly high teething fever and that his is something we never have to relive.  Seeing your baby so feverish that they're shaking and moaning in their sleep is scary.  But sometimes, when Will is sick I secretly like it because he gets super cuddly and he just wants his momma.  And he snuggled in bed with us all night, which hasn't happened for about a year.  So those parts were nice but we could have done without the rest of the nasties.

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