Totally Awesome 90's Party

Let's admit it, the 90's were totally awesome. Our lifegroup is doing a video bible study on marriage.  A hilariously cheesy made in the 90's video.  The content is great, but the cheese factor of the video, the collared dresses and mullets could not be ignored. We had the great idea of dressing up decked out in bad fashion from the 90's and having a little kickoff party for our study. We ate Gushers and Fruit by the Foot and of course Funions...all great food of the 90's. We played a name that 90's song game.  And everyone brought their "best" 90's photo of themselves. 

  Ryan in the early 90's                     

Rutheah circa 1994

Our offspring

 the poof was glorious and so were my 
sweet Goodwill glasses!                 

Trucker Ryan and Nerdy Ru

Do you have any idea how difficult it was to find something to fit my belly!? 

What was your favorite part of the 90's? 


Anonymous said...

Haha, thanks for sharing :D

Hope said...

LOL! (love the "offspring" photo! ... and I still have my glasses fron the '90s!) That's great!!... Well - in the 90's, I graduated from high school (93), and college (98) and became a bonafide "career" lady. (Which was way overrated!) Only to finish the decade up by meeting Jeremy and getting married! (99-00)