{ halloween }

Will the Pirate
Once upon a time there was a little pirate in search of treasure.

(sniff sniff)
This little pirate had a nose for candy...and emphatically exclaimed:
"ME WANT CANDEEEEE! aaaarrrrrg."

So he began his search for the candy treasure.

The little pirate was discouraged and weary, 
for the precious treasure had not yet been found.

But this wee pirate did not give up easily.
Courageously he pressed on, for in his heart he knew 
he would find the sweet treasure he so desperately craved. 

Alas!  Treasure!!! 

 The little pirate found his treasure, gobbled it up and lived happily ever after.

The End



Anonymous said...

this is soo cute rutheah!

Joy said...

too cute indeed! Quite the stylish pirate!