Arf arf! Will was his favorite animal this year...a puppy. :) Ry and I didn't dress up this year...we just didn't get things together quick enough! Someday we'll do something cute and creative. Anyways, Will's not really old enough to Trick or Treat so we just took him around to see friends and family. We also made a very brief stop at New Life Church's "Light in the Night" Halloween festival. Next year I think Will will get a lot more out of Halloween. I already bought costumes for the kids for next year!! (And can I just say that it is SO weird to say KIDS.) So Will is going to be Superman and the baby is going to be a lion.

Ryan and Will with Kelly (Ry's cousin) and Owen

Will eating Laffy Taffy on Great GREAT Grandma Mimi's lap

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Anonymous said...

That was fun to read! I love kids at his ahe, they change everytime I get to see them ( my aunt kids). I cant wait to meet you guys sometime :)