{ disneyland }

Ryan and I got to go to Anaheim for a marriage retreat...a trip for four days without the kids?! Yes.
(although we missed them the whole time and talked about how much they would have loved disneyland.)  :)

I love palm trees...but plam trees with holiday lights is just weird for a Nebraskan...beautiful but weird.


 Here we go! This was the first time either of us had been to a dineyland/world place. I was SO excited...Ryan was...well, not quite as excited.  :)

First we went to the California Adventure park which is right next to Disneyland and we were told had more things for adults rather than kids. Well we walked around for a long time...

 and walked some more...we actually didn't get to go on any rides on this morning. We were kind of bummed. Ummm, the lines for even dinky rides were like 90 minutes...really...90 minutes to ride something for maybe 5 minutes? No thanks. It was decided we'd come back in the evening when the lines were shorter.

We got to be there for the first night of the Holiday Parade! This was for sure my most favorite part. There was some serious Disney magic happening in that parade. And it was beautiful.  :)

These little snow men were like 4 feet tall....who was inside of them? They made me giggle. And Mickey...well he was so cute and I'm not gonna lie, I cried just a little bit when I saw him. All of my childhood dreams of seeing Mickey and getting that ooey gooey disney feeling were totally met.

Our first "ride." Watching some weird Michael Jackson video/movie from 1986 called Captain Eo in 3d. It was hilariously horrible. I couldn't stop laughing the whole time...partly because Michael Jackson fights off the evil queen by dancing and singing, and partly because Ryan's reaction to the whole thing was hilarious. This was the only thing we found that didn't have a line...and now we know why.

                                                                       it's a small world

You better belive I'm going to stand in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle and take a picture. It was breathtakingly beautiful. (another moment of me being lame 27year old stuck in my 8 year old girl mind and crying.)  :)

 Next ride: Nightmare Before Christmas...this was neat. It was like a haunted house. I've never seen this movie though, so I didn't quite understand the whole ride. But it was still fun.

 This little downtown area was also high on my list of favorites. Everything was decorated so well...it felt like we were in Europe or something.
I didn't even need the rides, just looking around at all the attractions was fun enough for me.

It was a great getaway. I wish I could have bottled up a little Disney magic and a dab of
southern California weather to bring back home with me. *sigh*


Yellowbird said...

Oh my gosh! We used to live in Anaheim, and were just visiting 2 weeks ago. I wonder if we were at Disney the same day? That would have been so funny to see you there!

Danielle said...

I miss the desert Christmas trees!! Your picture reminded me of home. I needed that. Thank you!!

Danielle said...

Oh, if you don't know what a desert Christmas tree is....it's a palm tree wrapped in lights. Miss them!!