kitchen update

We are back in NE. We came back last week and had hoped to come home to a new kitchen, but of course like any home improvement project it is taking twice as long as what we thought it would. I am still in denial. I really thought we'd be coming home to a finished kitchen. Our contractor worked really hard and got a lot done but we're waiting on the inspector to come by and make sure everything is good to go. Then our guy can re-insulate and drywall and really get it moving along.

I'm getting anxious. and overwhelmed. I'm thankful we don't have to live in the mess and can retreat to the grandparents house until it's done enough for us to go home. Right now our house looks CrAzY. seriously crazy. The kitchen is stripped bare just studs and floor joists, the fridge and stove are in the dining room. The dining table is in the living room. There are tools everywhere. and dust. dust dust dust. I guess I thought the mess would be contained to the kitchen...I didn't realize it would overtake the whole house. I have to keep reminding myself that these things take time and waiting another month isn't really that long for a complete kitchen overhaul. I was am nieve to think this could all get done in 50 days. stop laughing. I really did think it would get done. silly me.

Soon we will be enjoying our new kitchen. and soon I will go take better pics of it to share. :)


this was taken on our contractor's cell...I'll update soon.

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