The plus sign. It means so many different things. When we are kids we learn the ever so important one + one is two. Fast forward to middle school when that + follows a letter grade and it makes the test you just took seem not so scary and gives you a proud sense of accomplishment. In college we learn that the + is .25 points of a letter grade and its importance grows because that little + helps to keep you keep your academic scholarship.

the + isn't just about numbers. It also means you're not so lonely when you get to bring a +one to a wedding which saves you the embarrassment of leaving the dance floor the moment the dj starts a slow song. + signs are on batteries....uhhh....that's important.

So where am I going with all this + talk? Well if you haven't guessed already then let me just tell you....i took a test recently...and i scored a +. Meaning, soon we will be +one.

Which is "positively" surprising, but ever so exciting. :) (and yes, I AM that cheesetastic.) I'm at about 11 weeks and my belly is really poking out so I can't keep it a secret anymore. Due date is early October. Soon we will have three kids, three years and under. It will be crazy fun. :)


Andrea said...

How awesome Rutheah! What a blessing! Congrats to you and Ryan! So cool! Wow, 3 under 3! How fun for Will and Anna to have siblings so close in age! Hope you are feeling well!

Hope said...

You can do it! There is a true joy that comes with the choas and laughter of all those little kids!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!

Barb said...

Blessings Rutheah! You are an awesome momma and #3 is lucky to have you and Ryan as parents!

lauren said...

eeeeeks! good. i can not tell you how horrible i am at secrets. this one just about fell out of mymouth a couple of times but i caught it. i am pretty excited. :)

Notes From A Ragamuffin said...

Oh, Rutheah!!! I am SO excited for you and your family :)

Joy said...

Congrats lady! You must be trying to keep up with my cousins(your cousins?) in kearney!
p.s.Your kids are SO adorable! ;)