{another} kitchen update

The kitchen is coming along quite nicely. Well, to be honest it seems like it's taking forever but it will be worth it in the end. Right now we've got cabinets installed, microwave hood and dishwasher installed, countertops...and I think that covers it. Oh and the farmhouse sink (my favorite part of the whole kitchen) is in as well. yippie! The cabinet doors aren't on yet, so it will look way different after those go on...glass doors for the uppers and paneled doors for the base cabinets. Thanks, ikea, for having sweet cabinets. :) And for making my dream sink for under $200. Our carpenter worked his magic and created an arched wall which mimics the other 3 arched doorways we have. That is one of my favorite parts...cause it looks very intergrated to the rest of the house...like it's always been this way.  :)

before wall tearout

no wall

gutted, window and door sealed off


painted...and Will

cabinets, countertop and some appliances in

my DREAM sink...*swoooon*

looking north

So there you have it. Our almost completed kitchen. Woooo hoooo(I appoligize for the poor photo quality...the iPad can't upload the full giant picture, I guess.)
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