kitchen {reveal!}

the time has come. WOO flipping HOO! are you ready for this?!

to see how far we've come, you have to see what we were coming from...
try not to throw up...here is our old kitchen...barfaroni. clearly we didn't buy this house because of the awesome kitchen. :) i tried hard to make it as cute as possible but that was impossible. there was room for one person in this kitchen...and do you see a dishwasher or a microwave? 
yeah well, that's because we didn't have a dishwasher
....and with like two feet of counter space, the microwave had to be downstairs on the wet-bar. 

the awesome de-construction men...working hard...on new years eve. :) 
sidenote: first off who puts white tile in a kitchen? i don't want to clean that everyday.
and second...the grout was FOREST GREEN. yeah. major gross.

so we (and by "we" i mean ryan and his man friends) had to knock out this wall. 
 it needed to be opened up a bit lot. 

and here is what it looks like now!!! no, this is not a pic from a magazine, this is my house. ;) 

are those place mats from target that you're using as a backsplash? why yes. yes, they are. 
i like them, but since they are propped up against the wall it's not a permanent backsplash, 
just something fun for now.

this is my other fun project...sweet frame i found at hobby lobby for 90% off 
that i spruced up with a can of spray paint. :) 
(did you notice my whoops? i need to paint a little more chalkboard paint at the bottom.) 

 and here is what it looks like from other angles...i can actually watch the kids play and make food at the SaMe TiMe...score! my favorite, is sitting in the living room (middle pic) and looking across the house and seeing our cute little kitchen. 

there are still a couple of things to do...our carpenter has to frame out the window and build some cubbies above the microwave for wine bottles (yay!) and
 the hardware needs to be put on the cabinets...but other than that, it's done!

 i love my house now...i pretty much loved it before but now i really love it. 
what do you think?!  :)  


Erin said...

so incredibly awesome...I might just have to drive up there and visit you to check it out. :)

Christina Klas said...

GORGEOUS! I can only dream of something like this!

lauren said...

what do you think i think?!?!? are you sure you're not a rockstar?? 'cause you are living.the.dream. :)

Rutheah Rodehorst said...

living the dream...heck yes. ;) now if only ryan was here to enjoy it with us...then i'd really be livin' the dream.

Katillia Marie said...

WOW! This kitchen is soo cute! You did a great job!

hannah said...

It looks amazing! So happy for you to have it done too:) Have a blast cooking and creating in that beautiful space!

Jennifer said...

our kitchen look fantastic! I love the color of the wall. Where did you get it? I'd love to use something like that when we get a house!

Dudo said...

Amazing! It is so beautiful and does look like a magazine!

AWeedon said...

It looks great!! Well done!