this is the way our garden {grows}

didn't know i gardened, huh? welllllll, that's probably because i don't. :) 
but with the help of some close friends (and sisters) russtanna and taffnee, i will learn. 

taffnee knows a lot about gardening and planting and watering and all that good stuff. 
russtanna is related to taffnee and therefore knows more than me. :) 
i know nothing...like seriously, nothing...but i have a yard, so the little sprouts will live at our house. 
going in on a garden with two friends is a good way to learn, split costs and share the bounty. 

r&t planted the little seeds a couple weeks ago and now the seedlings are out of their infancy and approaching adolescence, so they need to be transplanted. we got a few transplanted on sunday...and i believe this is only like a quarter of our garden...so more transplanting will come. 

if all goes according to plan, we will have lots of veggies, herbs and fruit to enjoy all summer. 
mmmm...nothing better than that!


Notes From A Ragamuffin said...

Oh I'm so jealous! I want a garden so badly.

Katillia Marie said...

I love your little garden! I am also very jealous of whoever has the dusty purple nail polish...I want it!