the carnival

will and i went on a little mommy/son date. to the carnival. in the mall parking lot...you know the creepy kind your parents didn't let you go to as a kid. yeah...well, we went to it. :)
growing up, my parents rarely took us to the carnival...and now i know why. 
they are 'spensive! not to mention the creepers who run the rides with the awesome facial tattoos...

anyways, will enjoyed it.
(and please enjoy my overly exposed photo...) ;)

okay, i lied. he did NOT enjoy this ride. at all. this was his first ever experience on any kind of ride. 
i thought it was harmless. will thought he was going to die. 
i didn't think to explain to him that sometimes you scream on rides because you're having fun.
poor little guy didn't get that memo. so the moment he heard the kids ahead of him screaming,
was when he started flipping out. :( he cried the whole time, probably because he thought something terrible was going to happen. so sad. 

  can you see his terrified little face? 
when the ride was over, i asked him what he thought and he said, "i scared mommy, but i did it!" 
good job, buddy.

next, was a will friendly train. oh boy, will was overjoyed when he saw this. 
and i was creeped out...look at that monkey...creepy.

he rode this train three times. he was livin' the dream, baby...
sidenote: who painted these train cars!? 
look at this picture...the lion is about to attack the poorly drawn african tribesman. 
creepy things you don't notice about carnivals until you're an adult. 

will really wanted to go on this...um. no.

the final toddler friendly ride he did was the car merri-go-round thing. he loved this.
wouldn't get off of it. but we ran out of tickets and i wasn't about to buy more, so i had do pretty much drag him out of there a huffin' and a puffin'. 

but the huffin' and puffin' stopped when he got to experience the ultimate carnival food...
man, that cotton candy was good, i don't know the last time i ate some.
but this was deeelicious. clearly, will thought so too.  :)

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Ryan said...

Wish I could have been there for him...but I'm glad he was such a brave boy!