will's favorite things

this one's for you daddy:

will has a few new favorite things since you left. everyday we have a little "school" time when anna is napping. i was nervous he wouldn't like doing this, but he loves it! we've been working on number/letter recognition and writing...and how to correctly hold a pencil. clearly, you can see he concentrates pretty darn hard. he usually does three worksheets and then gets to choose his favorite to display on the fridge. he can already write his name! it's al straight lines, so that's pretty easy. ;) 
it amazes me how much his little brain absorbs. 

this train:
he carries it allllll over the house with him, and demands that it go with us in the car, too. alrighty, bud. 
i don't know why he loves it so much, but he does...it went outside with him yesterday, in the bath last night, under his pillow at bedtime, and even traveled with us to church today. 
and if i looked over at him right now, he's probably holding onto it while he watches george. 
train obsessed.

the watergun. 
you can imagine how much he loves this! he sprayed the crap out of me after church today. is this not the biggest water gun you've ever seen?! there's a huge laser thing on the top, too. 
you know, incase he's scoping out a victim to shoot at night. ;) 
this is going to be his favorite summer toy, for sure.

that sums up will's favorite things...for now.  :)


Christina Klas said...

Your family is beautiful. :) Happy Mother's Day.

Ryan said...

I love this blog post! I cannot believe how big he is getting! He looks so much more mature. How fun! This is exactly the encouragement I needed. Thanks, love

Thomas said...

Absolutely Beautiful!