anna's birthday bash!

anna grace had a nice little birthday party. family and friends and cupcakes and poms...oh my!

there wasn't really a theme for her party...do purple, pink and yellow count as a theme? :)
i made her smash cake in my cake decorating class and it turned out pretty cute. my good friend, russtanna who is also taking the class, helped me do the cupcakes. umm...we haven't really "learned" how to make flowers out of frosting, but we managed.  :)  
with cupcakes and buttercream icing made from scratch, how could you go wrong?!
the poms were really fun to make...i did them like two weeks before her party.
....the banner on the other hand...was made 30 minutes before the party when i realized i didn't have anything that said 'happy birthday' on it. nothing like a little procrastination! 

here's the birthday girl looking oh, so {one}derful...in her little getup. 

she got a lot of sweet little presents...but i must say the dolls and the jack-in-the-box are her favs. 
look at those grins! she just loves a good parrrrtaaayyy.  ;) 

and then there was cake. sweet purple cake.
she was pretty thrilled about this. the pink dots were her favorite, i think she picked most of those off...for as much as this girl looooves her food, i was surprised she was so dainty with the cake...

"say what, momma? did you just call me dainty?! 
i will prove to you that i can make a mess...a big ol'mess."

"who's dainty now?"
(please note the sweet little chunkins she has now)  :)

oh yes.

this is the best birthday ever!!

 getting all cleaned up in the sink...she LoVeS a good sink scrubdown. 

so there it is...our sweet anna grace's first birthday parrrtaaay. 
celebrating her first year with many grins and lots of love. 

love you sweet girl. i am so blessed to be your momma.


Christina Klas said...

Absolutely. Stinkin. Adorable.

Ryan said...

Ditto what Christina said.

Katillia Marie said...

I LOVE HER PARTY THEME!!! I am kinda sad we have never truly hung out because I think we are extremely similar! I can't wait until Sophia's 2nd Birthday already, because I am going to do it my way at my own apartment :)

Thomas said...

Anna Grace you make Pappy proud! <3

Barb said...

I LOVE how colorful and happy the party looks! I know all enjoyed it so much! You do such a great job with the layout of your blog! I am proud of you and all you do!