bubbles and {dirt}

bubbles are great...and will finally learned how to blow them himself.  :) 

anna grace loves watching her brother blow bubbles.

but she reeeallly likes playing in the dirt.

if anna could run, she would run into the dirt every time we are in the backyard. 
(why do you have a patch of dirt in your yard?...well it will be a garden. soon.) 
for now, it's anna banana's messy digging spot.

will has now dumped out the bubbles...and is using the bubble container for dirt 
(so he doesn't get his hands dirty...seriously.)
i didn't realize i captured this until i was uploading my pictures.

pile of dirt...right on top of anna's head.  :( 
oh wait, she liked it.

she started eating it...

is she not deliciously chunky? 
rolly polly arms.
oversized tummy.
love handles. 

 she thinks the dirt is delicious, too.

my dirty bubble loving, dirt eating babies. i love them.


Christina Klas said...

I know your kids will thank you when searching for that baby photo to go in their senior yearbook! :) You capture SOO much joy!

Russtanna said...

I LOVE the belly pictures!! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi :)

All of your post´s are so cute, and nice :) You are good at editing and make collages :) Just wanted to let you know ;)