{snapshop} photog workshop

last weekend i got to go to oklahoma with some girlfriends to attend a little photography workshop. oh boy, i was excited. the workshop is put on by the lovely and oh, so talented ashley of ashley ann photography. her blog is wonderful and her photography skills are cramazing. she's a busy mom of four who still finds time to teach beginners the basics of shooting in manual. if you've got an slr and need guidance, check out one of her snapshops. you will not be disappointed!

four mommas from nebraska road tripping down to oklahoma for a day of photog insanity....ohhhh yeahh. i was so nervous...i'm not really sure why, but i was nervous like it was the first day of school. apparently i was worried i wouldn't get to sit with the "cool kids" at lunch. ;)  but honestly, my brain hurt from all the things we learned. it was intense.

the morning was full of learning, looking at photos and taking photos. the first thing we were trying to do was tell a story... telling a story with the pics we took while keeping everything we learned in mind. that was hard. but we had really adorable subjects to photograph...her kiddos. these kids were a-flipping-dorable. here my favs of this little session:

after this we learned more...ate lunch...took more pictures...learned more....took even more pictures.
in the late afternoon we learned all the good stuff...aperture, iso, shutter speed...you know, how to shoot in manual. that was my favorite, finally learning what i had been trying so hard to teach myself. it feels so good to understand it! (well mostly understand it.) ;) i loooooove it. seriously, just don't get me started on all this stuff, cause i'll talk your ear off! 

our big shooting session was in the evening with some girls- three sisters, who just happened to be gorgeous and taking a bad picture of them would be pretty much impossible. this was my favorite shoot. and here are some of my best shots: 

the oldest sister (she reminds me of winnie from wonder years)  :)

the middle sister

the youngest sister

best group shots
oh, that was so. much. fun. i'm so excited to get better and better. who knows, maybe this will become my little business someday.  :) that would be sweet. 


Momma Bug said...

Holy cow that oldest sister does look just like Winnie! Good call :)
I have been wanting an SLR camera basically since I took photography in high school! Landon says he thinks this might be my year, so I'm pretty stoked about that. I may be calling you for tips! :)

Rebecca said...

You did amazing! You should be so proud of yourself! That sounds like so much fun!