the sun finally came out. it's been typical spring weather around here...rainy and cloudy. the other day when the sun was out we took full advantage. we checked out the new library (which is really nice!) and every time we go to the library we end up watching a train or two roll by. mr. will and his trains. trains are his first love. so we hung around downtown for about an hour so will could watch "da choo choos."  :)

the range of emotions will has...in about one minute. :)

he got upset the train was over...so he pouted. 

and anna grace's emotions were sweet and typical anna.

will leading the way on an "avenjur." 

does anyone know what this spout is for? is it just a giant gutter drain? 

i love our little downtown. makes me glad we live in a small town again...a pregnant mom with two toddlers can walk down a clean alleyway with no worries. good stuff.


Christina Klas said...

LOVE the forlorn photo of Will.... super super cute.

lauren said...

we miss you guys! can't wait to walk the back alleys and seedy streets with you.. lovin the manual baby!!! :)