it's a { ___! }

well time for that BIG announcement. 
third time around it was harder to decide if we were going to find out or not, but we did. :)
here's the story:
with ryan being gone i wasn't sure how to tell him or if we should just wait and be surprised when that baby's born. but with it not being 100% sure that he'll get here in time for the birth (he will get to come back for two weeks, but who knows!) we just decided to go ahead and find out now. 
and thank goodness my friend, devin (thanks devin!) had a great "reveal" idea. 

when i went to my ultrasound i came with a prepared sheet saying: it's a ____ ! then the ultrasound tech could just write it down and seal it into the envelope so that i wouldn't peek. the grand idea was to send it overseas to ryan so that he could open it when we were video chatting and we could find out at the same time. cute right?
but then maybe the envelope sat on the dashboard of our car for a week...whoops. 
so i opened it...with ryan on the computer. he didn't get to open it, but he saw it first. :) 

so without further ado: 

he has giant muscly legs already. the technician said so. 
he is going to be HUGE. again, another big boy.  
all of his measurements were 2-3 weeks ahead of what they should be. 
and my belly is big...
big, strong and healthy!


3d image of his sweet little face...he looks like will. the technician said so. :)

these first sweet pictures of our son make me so excited (and a bit nervous) 
to have a third baby to love on.
and we do have a sweet name picked out. don't know if we are revealing that too or not...
i'll have to check with my superior.  :)

here's my bumpalicious belly at 20 weeks...(yes, only 20 weeks)

let's just hope he doesn't get all competitive with his older brother in there and try
 to grow bigger than 9lbs 9oz at birth. time will tell!  
they did move my due date from october 8th up to sept. 25th. 
but who knows...it's all up to you little man! :)


Notes From A Ragamuffin said...

How exciting!!! Can't wait to hear the name :)

Erin said...

awesome. so super excited. and you are beautiful as always!

Russtanna said...

Yay! Little handsome boy! I love your baby belly! ;)