30 day photo challenge: {days 5-8}

day five: {from a high angle}
my belly at 27weeks...where are my feet?

day six: {from a low angle}
will about to take a step off the playground at yanney park

day seven: {fruit}
mmmm...nothing says summer like watermelon. delish! i personally think the outside of the watermelon is more beautiful than the inside....remember how much i love green? :)

day eight: {a bad habit}
this one was tough...i have a lot of bad habits, but i was trying to think of my absolute worst one...and that has to be cheese. and things fried in butter...thus the crispy-on-the-outside-but-ooey-gooey-on-the-inside grilled cheese that i ate for lunch today. i eat far to much cheese and butter...which is delicious, but so so bad. (at least it's real butter and not that artificial crap. that counts for something right?!)  ;)

are any of you going to be joining me in this venture? hmmmmmmmm?


Barb said...

Love the pics, they are great!

Kim said...

mmmm... the grilled cheese looks yummy and it's 11:08pm. maybe for lunch tomorrow?!? your picts are adorable! now i'm going to read your guest post... look at you go... you blogger you!

Jennifer said...

{sigh} eating grilled cheese is like having a bite of heaven. they are so good!

Christina Klas said...

Love the belly pic. What a cute way to interpret that. :)