a summer photo {wipeout}

mmmm...summer. we have been basking in your sunshiny gloriousness.
i've been taking a gajillion pictures lately, not that that's anything new. 
momma's been working her manual settings, baby! 
i'm hoping that practice will make perfect...or close to perfect.

summer means if we are outside, water must be involved. 
lake, sprinklers, baby pool, splash park, a hose. 
water = summer. 

will and anna's favorite park activity, throwing rocks into the water.

these two b&w pics of will remind me that he is growing up. he's turning into a little man.
and there's nothing i can do about it. 
it makes me so thankful for photography...so thankful that i can capture these moments before they vanish...i can remember the little things they do now that i'd otherwise forget about. 

and anna's mud obsession continues...watering the garden and turned around to this:

then she ran through the sprinkler and turned into a wet muddy baby. :)

sunshiny. sprinklers. and an {almost} three year old boy in heaven

 our neighbor gave us this pool...it's hilarious...it barely fits will...but clearly he enjoys it!

splash park!! anna didn't know what to think. she was surprised by a sudden burst of water.
(she's wearing will's old bumblebee swimsuit...with an added flower so you know she's a girl) 

don't let her fool you, she loved it.

the park is much more fun with friends. super tan friends who look so toasty next to pasty will. :)

june is the best summer month in nebraska. hot enough to swim and have the ac on, but not so hot that you can't breathe when you step outside. perfect.

how are you enjoying your june? 


lauren said...

oh my goodness. so cute. how did you getthem all to smille? they usually run away or ignore me or give me that mo-om stop with the camera bit. :) love the backyard pics-- work that manual momma! :)

Ryan said...

Great post and pictures! What fun you're having. I'm so glad you're chronicling this precious time; wish I could be there to share it with you. Love, love!

Christina Klas said...

Oh man these kiddo pictures are soooooo cute!!! You've got the talent! :) Did I see you mention you went on a photo shoot/session? If so... when will you be posting those? :)