adventure walk

oh, hi! remember me? i have been so focused on my photog. business that i haven't even posted on our family blog for like EVER. so, i'm sorry about that. 

yesterday was a coolish day. it was the kind of weather that reminds you that fall is right around the corner. mmmm. love fall. we loooove us some fall. i almost put boots on anna grace yesterday, that's how excited i was. the only thing i hate about fall is my allergies going insane, and this year that is starting early...what better way to make my allergies worse than to go on an adventure walk in the country through tall grasses? haha.

but adventure walked we did. i love these trails, you can feel nature-y without getting too dirty. perfect!
i've been doing lots of sessions back on these trails, but anna and will hadn't got to experience them yet.  we had fun discovering things and finding bugs and sunflowers.

will is such a crazy child. he was really in touch with his wildness. :)

i'm so thankful that they are finally getting to the ages where they can enjoy each other. 

will explaining something to anna...maybe something about grass rocketships? 

you can see anna's smile from the back of her head! love that girl. :)

 she's really into rubbing things in her hair. all. the. time. 
she picked off little grass seeds and rubbed them into her curly mane. 

i love watching my babies discover and learn about nature...
i'm not a super nature-y person, but i'm learning. :) so i will learn with them. 


Christina Klas said...

Um. Hello!? How cute is your family??? good grief. It should be illegal.... And that first photo? It's almost as if Will's showin off a little swagger with his casual cool-ness. ;)

Stephanie Arnold said...

OH my goodness!! These just made this sick mama feel joyful and peaceful even if for a moment in time. They are gifts from God Ru I love them!

Ryan said...

These kids are the cutest in the world, bias or no bias! And you're the greatest photographer too! ;)