i remember.

today marks the 10th anniversary of 9.11. i remember it well. sitting in my first period class my senior year of high school. someone turned on the tv shortly after the first tower was attacked. we all watched, confused and saddened as the second plane hit the other tower. when we realized our nation was under attack and the news released video of the pentagon in smoke, i remember crying and crying because my brother and his wife, who worked in downtown DC, were so close to danger. my sister and i went home early from school and waited to hear from my brother.

ten years later...and the events of that day still have a direct effect on my life. i am now an army wife, whose husband is in iraq, fighting this war that started on that day...this is not at all what i thought 10 years after 9.11 would look like. americans still fighting...soldiers sacrificing their lives to protect the rest of us from harm.

my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude for those people who lost their lives on that day. for the firefighters, policeman, and other brave souls who gave their lives to save others. and for the soldiers who enlisted out of patriotism and fought in a war that we still haven't won. i have never really considered myself to be patriotic but today as i reflect on all of the 9.11 events, i am proud i live in this country. i am proud of my husband's bravery. and proud we live in a country where we can really stand united. proud that our president can read the 46th psalm and remind us that our country does stand united. under god.

i feel so many different emotions right now...sadness, anger, confusion, bitterness, hope... and thankfulness. this day will never be forgotten.

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Stephanie Arnold said...

Ru - you said what my bitter heart could and I am sobbing because of it. I am so hardened to today. I am thankful for everything that everyone has and still is doing Ryan Rodehorst means you kid.

Thank you Ru. I needed to read that and realize I'm still human about today. I love you friend. You're evocative with your words and your pictures. And I thank God for that.