the final bump.

i have never been really huge on taking cute maternity pics...we've always just done the basic profile snapshot of my growing belly with the other pregnancies. but since little leo will be completing our (biological) family, (god has put it on my heart to adopt someday...but that's another story for another time) i have been very nostalgic with this pregnancy and let my friend who took these pics convince me to do some big ole belly shots. and i am so glad i did. 

this is what 39ish weeks looks like: 

little leo will be here very soon...and hopefully daddy makes it home in time to be here for his entrance into the world. i am super thankful that my mom is here now, so i feel like he can come whenever.
 i can't wait to meet this little person and snuggle his wrinkly skin and squishy face. 
and kiss those little feet that have been kicking and pushing inside of me. 

everything is ready little boy, so you can come now! 

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Kim said...

so my comment is late. i was "creeping" around looking for some cute picts of mr. leo. i guess i'll just have to go back to facebook... or maybe stop and see him myself! anywho... your maternity picts are adorable and you're beautiful. hope you're enjoying having your WHOLE family home... soak it up... relax and enjoy. loves!